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About St Marys Inter College

About St Marys Inter College

SMIC’S Schools are unique in that they have evolved but of a philosophy. The success story begins in the year with the awareness that the true meaning of education is yet to be discovered. It was the wind beneath the wings of the others schools that today SMIC group of schools impart education giving the best of knowledge to develop their all round personality mentally intellectually physically by the time they step out into the wide world as torch bearers with a vision to create an environment for imparting holistic education and to inculcate a sense of discipline and values among students.

The school caters to the educational and co-curricular needs of 8000 + students. Under the dynamic leadership of the Chairman....... the school has blossomed as a premier educational institution. Starting from a small group of the.......students, the school has now more than 8000 students. In the last......... years the school has made great progress in all fields yet there remai

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Managing Director message

MD message

St. Mary's Inter College nurtures the spirit of enquiry and enhances the intellectual, ethical, emotional, physical and social potential of each learner. At St. Mary's we strive to instil integrity in our students by developing the attributes of honesty, accountability and reliability whilst also promoting cultural awareness and enabling students to reach their potential through rigorous academic pursuits while creating an excitement for learning. We develop full potential of our students by providing quality education through child centred learning in a relaxed, secured and caring environment. The school seeks to engender curiosity, a sense of family, compassion, kindness and a strong sense of self- confidence. Our focus is to generate multifaceted students by endowing them with physical, psychological and moral development and equipping the students with knowledge & confidence to face the competitive world and carve a niche for themselves. Great emphasis is laid on character development by helping the students to develop good healthy habits, positive attitudes and desirable social skills so that he/she is moulded into an agreeable as well as a confident individual of the society. Message of the


Managing Director

Mr. S.C. Shukla

Director Message

MD message

St. Mary's Inter College, we hone the academic skills, fine-tune the aesthetic senses and work towards building a holistic culture that values the individuality of each pupil, helping them realize their innate potential. Children are encouraged to explore and revel in the joy of learning. Rote learning is discouraged and Research Based Learning is the norm, where each pupil is guided through an individualized work plan in consonance with his/her potential, thereby providing a complete learning experience. We believe that Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. We are of the conviction that giving roots of values is significant so that our pupils remain firmly rooted to the ground. We give our students wings of ambition, so that they can soar like falcons to touch the skies and endeavour to make them global citizens who can look beyond geographical boundaries and promote a culture of peace and universal brotherhood. May we continue to give our students strong roots like the Banyan Tree and stronger wings to conquer the world!!


Mr. Gaurav Shukla

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Mar 20,2023

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page.

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  • Our Mission

    We shall focus on creating equal opportunities for student & every teacher of We shall integrate human skills & technology into the rapidly evolving educational landscape of us to our inclusive school. We shall use learner Centered pedagogical practices which will enable re- Consider, re-imagine & re-construct powerful new ways of learning to foster life- long learning. We shall strive to be a human Such school with commitment to judiciaries water, power use of resources such as Vegetation and more

    Our Mission
  • Our Vision

    We aim to nurture happy & confident children by providing child confident learning. Our endeavor is to promote creatively environmental sensitively and academic excellence. We are dedicated to equip our students with the knowledge & the life skills that can make them achievers in the journey of life, turning them into global citizens of the 22nd century.

    Our Vision
  • Our Goals

    • To impart integral education with special emphasis on moral and spiritual values and character building rooted in Indian culture.
    • To ensure all-round development of integrated personality under guidance of highly dedicated and competent teachers
    • To provide training in self governance
    • To promote the creative potential of children through art, dance music and other forms of performing arts.
    • To foster discipline and fraternity with special emphasis on national integration and foster international understanding and brotherhood
    • To improve self-confidence and creativity
    • To develop integrity and dedication to the service of making
    • To give special emphasis on long age and mathematics to ensure that the children are read, to compete in a global environment
    • To enable students to compete in National and International examinations
    Our Goals
>Why Choose us

Why Choose St Marys Inter College?

School choice theory assumes that parents are rational actors that can gather and consume information to find a school that matches their child's needs. Parents' desires and ability to choose quality schools.

  • Top 10 Rated School
  • Great Behaviour
  • Helpful & Kindnesss
  • Learning With Fun
  • Children Safety
  • Top 10 Rated School
  • Great Behaviour
  • Helpful & Kindnesss
  • Learning With Fun
  • Children Safety

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Our Toppers

A college course is a class offered by a college or university. These courses are usually part of a program leading.


CBSE X 97.80%


CBSE X 96%


CBSE X - 94 %


CBSE X- 90%


Happy Parents Says

  • FOUNDED: 2001

    Outdoor learning and tending to our school is a big part of our day.

  • STUDENTS: 8500+

    This age group is playing their way to greater independence, socio- emotional growth and self.

  • RESULT 100%

    The students of St. Mary's Inter College managed to achieve 100% results. Ankita Yadav with 98.79% topped the school.


    St. Mary's Greater Noida, Alambagh (Yog Vihar Para), Vastukhand Gomti Nagar, Jankipuram, Sector 14 - Indira Nagar, Chinhat, Sector D- Indira Nagar


    Student-Teacher ratio is the number of students who attend a school divided by the number of teachers in the institution.


    Effective Students representation is a vital part of the school's quality assurance and teaching and learning enhancement processes.

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