It leads to better grades, balanced blood pressure, decreased absenteeism and tardiness, improved interpersonal relations, and enhanced confidence level, sleep, relief from a headache, improved calmness and a sharper mind.


Playing sports helps students relax and reduce their anxiety. Besides just being fun, sports can help us to perform better in school, relax more and worry less, deal with setbacks, work better with others and increase our energy.


Performing Arts greatly help in Physical , Mental and Academic growth . Music , Art and Dance develop abstract reasoning necessary for academic success basically in Mathematics and Science as they improve the ability of higher-level thinking.


Excursions are a learning tool to enhance the curriculum by allowing students to better grasp and retain concepts. Learning by doing. They also promote engagement levels, build confidence, teamwork and create connections


Multimedia content helps to vary and enhance the learning process, and leads to better knowledge retention. Educational video can provide more opportunities for students to engage with the content. … Video can sometimes demonstrate complex ideas and access other times and places better than speaking can.


Co-curricular activities improve the learning experiences of students, help them identify and develop their inner talents like creative & public-speaking skills, leadership qualities, etc. Co-curricular activities offer them an opportunity of thinking unusually and getting the innovative ideas of their own.


It helps gain confidence, self-esteem, positive impact on one’s communication skills and the way one sees the world. Students should develop an outgoing and impressive personality that will enhance the quality of learning.