Pedagogy is art and science of effective teaching to achieve classroom goals. Effective teaching through pedagogy display skills at creating curriculum designed to build on students’ present knowledge and understanding and upgrade them to more sophisticated and in-depth abilities, knowledge, concepts and performances.

St. Mary’s Inter College  manoeuvres student centred learning and goes along to master effective teaching strategies for all stages. The process undertakes the following steps-

  • An effective framework to set the learning objectives and the outcomes.
  • Preparing lesson plans to deliver syllabus of every subject or discipline.
  • Setting objectives and providing feedback with the help of formative assessments.
  • Activating relevant prior knowledge for the readiness among the students.
  • Compare all new knowledge to clarify misconceptions.
  • Using of Graphic Organizers.
  • Cooperative teaching to predict, clarify, interrogate and summarize new concepts in the class.
  • Vocabulary building.
  • Acceleration and Remedial classes to let the students learn in the speed lane.
  • Support differentiated learning styles and interest of the students. Differentiated instructions are disposed to let children with differentiated learning styles grasp better.
  • Effective teaching through interactive smart class.


Our daily schedule consists of an integrated approach with the following activities:

Yoga & Meditation: leads to better grades, balanced blood pressure, decreased absenteeism and tardiness, improved interpersonal relations, and enhanced confidence level, sleep, relief from a headache, improved calmness and a sharper mind

Dramatic play & puppetry: allows children to re-enact experience and develop language and collaborative skills.

Gardening: promotes a respect for the environment understanding the fundamentals of biology and developing a sense of observation, and the ability to record data.

Nature and the environment: promotes a respect for the environment, gives an opportunity to explore the earth, to observe and describe.

Music and Movement: is a social activity that develops the sense of being part of a group; develops rhythm and co-ordination.

Physical Education: is an integral part of gross motor skill development and for the general well being of children.